UHFF is a first of its kind, not-for-profit association of fitness clubs in Pune. It is a consortium representing 33 clubs with around 50,000 members collectively. Our agenda is not just to promote the significance of health and fitness but to encourage and get everyone on the right lifestyle track, by imbibing a healthy diet, organized workouts, and the practices of healthy living in one’s life. Our aim at UHFF is encouraging and contributing to a comprehensive lifestyle.

The vision of UHFF is simple and straight. It is to be the #1 health and fitness forum promoting good health by involving, educating, connecting and empowering citizens, gyms, owners and members. We propose to achieve their vision by:

  • Helping set operational standards, ethics and quality in programming and processes brining value to the members, citizens and communities.
  • Be the architects of the health & fitness industry
  • Facilitate connectivity, education, information, knowledge and inspiration to citizens and members to enable them to be on the same platform as the world.
  • Be the voice of the health and fitness conscious citizens.

Our workshops, lectures, fitness activities and competitions aim to motivate more and more citizens to take up a healthier lifestyle. We intend to make our city of Pune the healthiest and fittest city in India. The world always looks better from a gym window than from a hospital window. A momentum, a sort of a revolution and catalyzing effect is required to improve the deteriorating health situation. We at UHFF strongly believe that it is our role to build this momentum benefitting our citizens as well as our industry.