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Our vision is to be the top motivator & catalyst for fitness, wellness and good health.

It is our desire to make our city of Pune the HEALTHIEST & FITTEST CITY in India. It is not only our belief, it is a statement of TRUTH – “Fitness is not a GOAL, it is a LIFESTYLE”.

There is NO CHARGE to be a part of this campaign. It is UHFF’s goal (Phase 1) to motivate 25,000 (twenty five thousand) fellow Pune-ites to join this fitness revolution.

UHFF will support all REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS with FREE advice, guidelines, nutrition information, counselling, BMI and in-body analysis as much as possible at any and all of our participating locations. Top performing Corporates, Colleges, Institutes and Housing Societies that participate will be monitored and recognised/awarded at the end of the term.

Members of UHFF are the Leading Gyms of Pune like Gold’s Gym, Talwalkar’s Gym, Abs Gym, UrBounce, FolkFitness, First Fit & many other well-known brands.

Any registered business that is into Gym, fitness and health business and is in alignment with the mission and purpose of UHFF can be a member by paying a fee for registration.